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3 Usual Bathroom Plumbing Issues & Ways to Fix Them

Bathroom Plumbing Issues

It would be wrong to highlight a particular space in your home where the most plumbing issues occur, however, if we carefully analyze then the Bathroom is one specific area where the most plumbing problems emerge. From leaky faucets to clogged toilets, homeowners deal with a lot of plumbing issues that commonly emerge in Bathrooms.

Now, either you can fix-up these issues by hiring a plumbing expert service or you can fix them on your own. You’ll find many capable or any other location-based service providers that can address your issues. However, if you wish to save some bucks then how about try to fix the damages on your own?

Don’t worry! These bathroom plumbing issues are pretty common and you may be able to fix them on your own easily. bathroom plumbing repair Bloomfield

1.    Leaky Shower Heads

Leaky showerheads aren’t that big of a deal, right? Well, if you don’t address this problem soon enough then it is gonna cost a lot on your water bills and that is certainly a big deal. So, instead of just bearing with the issue, take a step toward doing something to fix it.

You’ll realize that a leaky shower head is easily fixable. Just diagnose the problem area and look if the cause of dripping water is because of a loose nut bolt or anything falling loose. If that’s the case then take a regular wrench and tighten it up.

However, if the problem still persists then replace the shower head with a new one. Fret not, replacing a shower head is as easy as changing a gasket.

2.   Slow or Clogged Drain

Another common problem that we usually get in our bathroom is slow drainage or clogged drain. Well, slow drain if avoided for long leads to clogged drain issues. So, before the matter gets worse you must take suitable actions to fix the problem.

Most drainage problems are caused due to accumulation of debris. So, start off by removing the debris with hot water and drainage products that are easily available in the market. If things don’t work out even after this then use a plunger to clear out the blockage.

3.   Runny Toilet

Running toilets is yet another bathroom plumbing issue that can give you a lot of headache if you keep on avoiding the problem. Don’t jump into conclusion and call a plumbing service to fix a runny toilet issue.

Just try to see it for yourself and you may find that the problem can be fixed by you easily. Take some time out and diagnose the tank carefully. There may be an issue of a jammed flapper chain or the float is submerged in water. By making a few adjustments you can get your running toilet problem fixed in a jiffy.


Plumbing issues in your bathroom may seem like a big deal but addressing these problems quickly can help you avoid worse situations. In fact, some of the common problems mentioned above are even fixable without a pro’s help. However, if you have something bigger issue looming in your bathroom plumbing system, we highly recommend you to call expert bathroom plumbing repair Bloomfield or any other location-based service provider to deal with the issue.

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